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Special Friends

Last Sunday was a very cool day. I got up at 8:00 am. After I had got up, I had breakfast, I ate bacon with eggs and drank a cup of tea.

It was very boring so I called my friend to meet. He said that he would go to the zoo, but it was closed, because it was Sunday. He had a strange idea, he wanted to climb over the wall into the zoo, I was very curious, I wanted to know what’s inside the zoo on Sunday, so I said: “Yes, let’s do it!” When we walked to the zoo we heard a strange noise, it sounded like an elephant. We heard this noise several times. After we climbed into the zoo, we couldn’t believe what we saw with our eyes.

A very big elephant stood on a stage and sang “We are the champions”, the dolphins played water pool with a huge ball and two very big goals. The mice lay on chairs and drank some beer. The lion ate a large portion of chicken wings including a cup of cola.

We hid behind a wall, so no one saw us, it was so cool to watch the animals talking different languages.

Suddenly we heard a noise of a worker, he saw us and shouted we had to stop. We ran to the exit and climbed over the wall. The worker couldn’t follow us, he was very slowly, so it wasn’t a problem to run away. When we were outside we talked about the different spoken languages: The lion spoke German, the dolphins too, but the mice spoke English. And the elephant spoke French.

It was late so we had to go home. My mom told me that I had to be home at 9 o’clock pm and it was 8:30 pm. So I went home and said “Goodbye” to my friend, so I walked home.

After a few minutes a horse stood in front of me, it said: “Hey bro what are you doing here at night? Shouldn’t you be at home? Come on I’ll give you a ride home!” Of course I said yes and rode home with the funny English talking horse which always made jokes.

After a short funny ride with the horse I was sad, because this horse didn’t have a home where it could stay, so I had a strange idea: Why couldn’t this horse stay in my house? So of course I took it home with me, but my mom was a bit scared…

My mom was in the kitchen and when she saw the horse, she cried and hid in the fridge, and then the horse said: “Don’t worry, just cool down.” And my mom got a laugh attack so she fell down the fridge. This situation was so creapy, that my horse fell asleep.

I got ready for bed and went to bed to sleep, but this day was so funny, I only thought about the things that happened this day.

The next day my horse woke me up and made breakfast for me and told me jokes. After about 2 hours we went out to have a walk, that was so funny, we had so much fun!

But I was sad, because the horse couldn’t stay with me, so I had to give it back to the zoo. I hope that was the right choice.

Animals are very nice creatures, we can learn a lot from them!

Christiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo, who was born in Madeira, Portugal, on 5th Feb. 1985, is a professional football player. He started his career with the club Sporting Lissabon. He was 18 years old when Manchester United wanted him to play for them. He went to Manchester United and became famous. 

He played from 2003 to 2009 for Manchester United and he broke lots of records of 

Manchester United. 

In 2008 he won his first Ballon D’or. Ballon D’or is the trophy for the best football player in the world. In 2001 he joined the national team of Portugal. In 2009 he changed his team. He signed a contract from one of the best teams in the world. They offered him about 100 million Euro. Cristiano Ronaldo accepted the contract. His next team was Real Madrid where he actually plays. He became very famous. Everyone in the world knows him. He is the second richest sportsman in the world. In Real Madrid he also broke records and won lots of trophies. Now he has got 4 golden boots and 4 Ballon D’ors. When you are the top scorer of La Liga (Spain’s best league) earn the golden boot. He is also a businessman. He has got his own brands, own hotel, own museum and so on. Lots of people said that he is arrogant but it isn’t true. He hates to lose but he is a very good man. He helped lots of children who were sick and he also helped lots of countries which needed help. 

In the beginning he was very poor but now he is the second richest sportsman in the whole world at the age of 33 years. He is a forward player. In 2015 Ronaldo scored his 500th senior career goal for club and country. His hight is 1.85. His father died because of alcohol problems, that was very hard for him.

Expedition to the North Pole

3 people Bob, Ed and Jo wanted to go to the North Pole. They are researchers and have gone to lots of places like the jungle or the desert, but never to the North Pole. The morning before their flight they ate bread rolls and scrambled eggs. Then Bob asked his neighbor, if he can take care of his plants. The neighbor said yes and Bob gave him his watering can. After that, they went to the airport. And on the way there Ed stepped on a piece of gum and he complained :”I have a piece of gum on my shoe sole” Finally they were in the airplane and had a good flight. Then they arrived and went to their house with snowmobiles. When they unloaded their research gear and went out for a hike to the biggest hill they could see. On top of the hill they saw a gigantic iceberg in the water , but they couldn’t explore it today because they were so tired. So they went to sleep. The next day they took a boat to the shore and went to the iceberg. They climbed the iceberg with their icepicks. It was getting colder and colder with every meter. When they had finally arrived at the top, they saw a cave. They went into the cave. It was so dark. Bob turned on his flashlight. They saw a humongous white icedragon the 3 of them froze ,because who looks at the dragon freezes. Bob,Ed and Jo never returned from the North Pole.


(Given words: iceberg, dragon, shoe sole, watering can, bread rolls)

Charity concert after Manchester terrorist attack

Teenstar Ariana Grande decided to give a charity concert honoring the victims and families of the Manchester bombing. “One love Manchester” will take place on 4 June 2017 at the 50,000 capacity Emirate Old Trafford in Manchester. Ariana Grande and her celebrity friends will raise money for those affected fans who were at her Manchester Arena show on 22 May . Take That, Coldplay, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Pharrel Williams, Miley Cyrus, Niall Horan and Usher will also play at the Old Trafford Cricket around the gig on Saturday. Tickets for the event go on sale on June 1st by Ticketmaster and free tickets are offered to fans who were at the Manchester terrorist attack. Doors open at old Trafford at 6 pm with One Sove Manchester kicking off at 7.15 pm . If you can´t make it , it will be broad casted on BCC One from 6 pm to 9 pm , on BCC Radio and Capital Radio Networks.


Lamborghini is a known Italian brand manufacturing luxurious sport cars and SUVs since 1963. The founder of the company was Ferruccio Lamborghini. The headquarter of the company is Sant'Agata Bolognese, Italy. Lamborghini grew rapidly during its first ten years but sales stoped during the oil crisis. The company was sold. Today the head of the Company is Stefano Domencali. Domencali was a teamleader of the Scuderia Ferrari Formel 1.Team, before he changed to Lamborghini. Company owner since 1998 is Audi AG, the member of Volkswagen Group.

The first car brought on the market by Lamborghini was the 350 GT, released mid 1960s known for power and comfort that could reach 254 kilometres per hour because of "racing" V-12 engine. Only 135 cars were produced during three years. 

Miura sport coupé established mid-engine as a standard layout for high performance cars. Rear-wheel-drive cars are driven by an engine placed just in front of them, behind the passenger compartment.

Between 1987 and 1993 Lamborghini Team Modena was also a member of Formula one but scored no championship points. In normal traffic Lamborghini broke the record for the fastest car which is allowed to drive.

The Lamborghini Egoista is a concept car unveiled for the company´s 50th birthday in 2013. It has a unique one-seat cockpit, which is similar to that of a fighter jet. 

The newest super car of Lamborghini is the Centenario made in memory of the 100th birthday of Ferrucio Lamborghini in limited edition of 40 cars, which only cost  €2,200,000.

The Top 5 movies of the world

Do you like movies like I do ?

So then you have to know and read on what the top 5 movies are!

1. The first one is : Avatar

It´s an adventurous and imaginatively action, science-fiction movie and the director of this movie is James Cameron. It was produce in the USA and the UK by James Cameron and Jon Landau. Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver and Stephen Lang are the actors. It started in 2009 and until the end of April 2010 more than 7 million DVD´s and Blu-ray discs had been sold .This film also brought a fortune of 2,788 million US-Dollar .

2. Titanic

James Cameron and Jon Landau produced Titanic in the USA. It started in 1998. Leonardo di Caprio, Kate Winslet, Billy Zane and Jonathan Hyde are the actors. Titanic connects a lot with drama and romance and is so very emotional. This movie brought 2,194, 0 million US-Dollar. What do you think about this movie? Isn´t it too much about love or do you like it? Or haven’t you watched the movie?

We can see that the movies by James Cameron are very famous because you can recognize them because he has his own way to make movies which are special and unique.

3. Star Wars – The Force awakens

It´s a fantasy / science -fiction movie and the director was called J.J Abrams and it was produced in the USA by Kathleen Kennedy, J.J Abrams, Bryan Burk. The names of the actors are Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Adam Driver and Daisy Ridley .

It began in 2015 and brought 2,068,2 million US-Dollar

4. Jurassic World

Jurassic World was produced in USA/CN/JP by Frank Marshall and Patrick Crowley . Did you already know the actors? So the actors are Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Irrfan Khan, Vincent D´Onafrio and the director was called Colin Trevorrow. So it´s a science fiction movie and it´s mainly about adventures and a lot of action. Jurassic world started 2015 and brought 1, 670,4 million US-Dollar

5. Marvel´s the Avangers

The last one is an action, science fiction movie from the USA and was produced by Kevin Feige with the actors : Robert Dauney Jr. Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo and Chris Hemsworth. It came out 2012 and brought a fortune of 1,519,6 million US-Dollar.


My topic is show dance. I´ve already dance show danced too.

In show dance, you have to dance in a section, like tap dance, jazz dance, or something else. In all these sections you dance a theme like a movie or a story like the Haiti earthquake and so on.

There are different associations like the IDO, DVG, TAF Germany, etc.

Usually the TAF Germany organizes the German-cup and the German championships. The DVG has a German championship too but also a Hess cup.

You don´t have to go with your show dance to the DVG, you can also go there with a guard dance.

When you dance on a competition, you get your judging-rating from the jury, often they are four to six people, also one who stops the time of the presentation of your dance.

They often have up to ten categories and while you are on the stage and dance, they take notes about mistakes. Later they have to arithmetic they point oft he categories all together, then they look at the results table and give the places. If you have the highest score of all participants you win the first place. They have to judge after a few topics, like costumes, broadcasting, decoration, how you used the stage, your music and so on.

At the presentation ceremony you get your place with a certificate, if you are on the first three places you also can get a cup and winning money but that’s different between the associations.

When you dance at the DVG you have to qualify before you go to the German championship. At the TAF Germany you can go there if you want to and you don´t have to qualify. You can always go to the German championships, and if you are placed on the first three places, you can go to the world-championship.

The German championships are very often in the near, also you don´t have to drive more than eight hours. The world-championships are very often in Prague or Riga.

I like show dance because I think it looks wonderful and so easy if someone moves. I hope I was able to bring you the topic Show dance a bit closer and it was interesting to read this.

The Anti-school-man

Once upon a time, not that long ago, at a normal boring school day something special happened. The kids from the 7e had English lessons and it was so boring that the kids just wanted to go home. But suddenly they saw something that was flying to their window. It was shining red and all the kids looked at it. When it came closer, the kids saw that it was a human. The kids wondered and were shocked but the teacher was very angry and shouted: ´Why do you disturb my lessons?!´ But the man didn’t say anything, he just looked very concentrated at the teacher for few second and the teacher fell asleep. Then the mysterious man said: ´I´m the Anti-school-man and I will save your day! But please don’t ask me questions, just listen to me!´. Then the Anti-school-man whistled hard, there came a kind of plane but just cooler looking thing to the classes´ window . He told the kids to get into his Anti-school-jet and to hold on to something solid because it would be a very fast journey. When they started to fly most kids were scared, but when they wanted to start screaming they had already arrived. They had flown for 5 seconds with 50000km/h , impossible for a plane but not impossible for a. Anti-school-jet! When the kids went out of the jet they saw a dream land for every student. There was no school, all students could eat and drink everything they wanted, all students could do what they wanted to and this all was completely free! After the students of the class 7e had enjoyed their best day in their lives they had to go to the normal world. The kids were sad, but they were really thankful for the Anti-school-man too and they asked him why he did this. The Anti-school-man said: ´I told you, don’t ask me questions, just enjoy it because you will forget everything when you will get to the normal world again. Goodbye.´ The students went into the jet and flew to their homes, but on the next day they didn’t remember anything of what had happened in the Anti-school-world . Maybe the Anti –school-man will come to your class too!

“Good Luck.-Unknown”

I quickly called my friend to do something with them to forget everything that had happened.

9 o’clock pm. I went home and I was alone. I watched out of the window to enjoy the moonlight, but I saw two red eyes which were watching me! I turned on all lights and listened to music very loudly to show the figure, that I was not afraid of it, although I really was.

After a few minutes the doorbell rang. This time I didn’t make the same mistake as in my dream! I just wanted to call the police. When I tried to tap the ‘Call’ button, my Phone assistant said “I’m sorry!”, without me asking it anything! Then my phone turned off.

So I only had one choice: I took my phone and a knife with me und ran away through the back door, where the figure wasn’t waiting.

I ran with only one destination: to get away from the figure! The figure followed me so I ran into a forest. I was alone, I thought. I felt hot air in my neck, so without turning around I ran much deeper into the forest. The figure lost me, I was saved. I stood there the whole night, because I knew the figure would never find me between all those trees, nevertheless I called the police, but I had a problem: “The call couldn’t transfer.” So I stood there, alone.

The long night was over and the sun shone, but I got a text message:

“That was a close shave!-Unknown”

New York


here you can read something about New York City. So New York is the largest city in the USA. It is located on the east coast of America. New York is one of the most important and famous cities in the world. The city is very beautiful and has world famous sights and places. And I want to tell you about the Top 5 sights and places in New York which you have to visit when you travel to New York.

The first one is the Statue of Liberty. It is a female figure and it is one of the tallest statues of the world. This statue is 6.3 meters high and weights 225 tons. It was a present from France and was designed by Frederic Auguste Bartholdi of Alasce. 

The second famous and important sight of New York is the Central Park. It is a huge park in the centre of Manhattan and it was opened in 1876. This park is very big and there you can find lakes, gardens and also a zoo. There are many activities for example you can take a horse and ride through the park.

The third famous sight in New York is Brooklyn Bridge. It is on the East River from Brooklyn to Manhattan Island. The bridge is 486 meters long so it was very difficult to build it. The chief engineer was John Augustus Roebling and after some problems the bridge was opened in 1883.

The fourth sight in New York is the Empire State Building. This building is 381 meters tall and it was the tallest building in the world. You have to visit this building when you are in New York because on a clear day you can see for distances up to 80 miles and also you can look into the neighboring states of New Jersey, Pennsylvania , Connecticut and so on. Of course you can see the whole city of New York from up there.

So I think that you know New York for the famous Fifth Avenue so the fifth important thing in New York is Fifth Avenue. Fifth Avenue is mostly a shopping area. There you can find very expensive shops like Tiffany, Cartier and so on. So when you love shopping you have to go on Fifth Avenue to buy something. 

Of course you can find more sights in New York. And I think that you know New York for very, very big and high buildings. I think that New York is a very beautiful city and it is the city which you have to visit with your friends or your family. 

I hope now you know more information about New York! 

The Promise


When I was 15 years old, I made a school exchange to France. I was welcomed into a really nice and caring family. The family had a son who went to the same school with me. We hung out a lot and he became my best friend. He was secretly in love with me, but I never noticed it. He gave me a promise that if 10 years pass and I am still alone, he will take care of me. After a year I went back to America to my family. I missed him and his really nice family very much and it was definitely a really amazing year.

More than 10 years later, I became a journalist and went to France for a really important business trip which required for me to stay there for half a year. I was assigned to write an article (project) about a famous rookie actor who filmed a documentary report about his life and career at that time. Apparently, he was scouted for amateur modeling in high school. It was while he worked as a model that his mentor suggested trying out for a play, which put him on the path towards acting. It was my first big job, hence I wanted to do this one right. I was motivated and convinced that everything would go smoothly.

How wrong I was


The day I first met him – or not the first?

‘Wow, I really forgot how beautiful Paris is’.

It’s been a while since the last time I was here. The sweet sight of the Eiffel Tower in the distance and the taste of warm macaroons got me swimming in a sea of nostalgia as I walked along the Seine. Being here reminded me of my exchange year when I was still in high school. I made good memories here, many that I still cherish and many that make my heart ache. Today was different. Today marked a new chapter in my life, it simply had to be a good day. I would meet a famous rookie actor. This was my first big job and my chance to appeal to my boss. The article had to be perfect.

Several hours later

I waited in the lobby of one of the most famous and expensive hotels of all France, waiting for the actor named Louis Delacroix. I've never been as excited and nervous as I was at that moment. And before I could properly calm down, he finally arrived. My first thought was that he seemed very familiar, although I’d never heard of him before. Quickly, I was convinced that I was just imagining things. I blushed slightly as he approached me and offered me his hand in greeting. I shook it.

“Hello. Are you the interviewer from ‘Doll Magazine’ who will write the article?” I nodded. “Yes, that’s correct. It’s a pleasure to meet you, my name is Juliette Galland.”

“And it´s a pleasure for me to meet you too, Miss Galland. Shall we start the interview?”

He gave me a gentle but knowing smile, as if he could see right through me and knew exactly who I was. We took the elevator and went into a suite, where some of the cameramen and staff for the documentary report were already waiting.

“Um… I will start with some typical questions for now, so that we can get to know each other better.” Louis nodded and we sat down opposite of one another on chairs. “Sure, ask away.” As soon as the camera rolled, I began the small interview.

“Okay Mister Delacroix. How old are you?”

“I´m 25 years old.”

“Were you born here in France?”

“Yes, which is why we decided to film the first scenes here. I’m not fully French, as you can tell. My mother actually comes from Japan, so I’m also half Japanese.”

Several typical questions later…

“Okay, here’s the most important question for you… How did you become an actor?” Louis looked out the window for a moment and suddenly a gentle smile spread on his lips. “Hm… that’s a really good. I already liked to play in theaters when I was around 15 years old. Everyone told me that I was very talented. But I never thought about seriously acting until I met… someone special.”

My eyes widened upon that confession. Wait… this sounds familiar.

“I've actually decided to become an actor because of a girl. She was the one who had encouraged me to pursue my dreams. She was sweet, bright… sometimes annoying but I liked that about her. I honestly had a little crush on her.” He looked at me again, seeming almost shy.

My heart started to beat faster. No way. This cannot be. However, my curiosity got the better of me and I asked him one last question.

“I heard that Louis isn’t your real name, Mister Delacroix. Would you care to share your real name with our readers?”

“It’s Momoi. My manager thought that giving me a French name would increase my popularity.” He laughed. And I dropped my pen shocked.

No way.

And since that moment I knew that it was the boy who I met 10 years ago, when I made a school exchange to France… We lost contact at some point, the distance damaged our relationship. But here we were, after all those years, face to face again, together at last. It turned out that he knew who I was from the very beginning.

A day turned into a week, a week turned into a month. We spent so much time together after that fateful day, remembering the past, making new memories. Although we’ve both become adults, we were still the same. It was difficult to separate my job from my private relationship with him. The more time we spent, the closer we got. Eventually, one night walking along the Seine, he confessed to me. He reminded me of our promise, that he’d never forgotten it. Back then when we were still children, I didn’t know what he meant, but at that moment I finally knew. He was in love with me and I fell in love with him. Our story started off sweet, had a chaotic middle and at last a very romantic ending.

A Summer Look

This is a really plain and simple outfit you can wear everywhere. It´s a blue shorts with a basic grey T-shirt. And Adidas superstar shoes.


When you have an old shorts, you can pimp them. All you need is a scissor, a sewing kit and for example lace .On this example we used lace. First you cut out some cloth on the front from the shorts than you put in the white lace .It looks like a new shorts .This is only an example you also can do it with something else.


For this look, I thought it looks good when I plait the hair, because it was very hot on this day. You start to plait on the forehead and always add some hair.

Make up

This is a natural make up, of course you don´t have to wear make up at school . But when you want to, maybe this is a good look for you . The girl just wears a little bit of foundation, also she is highlighted and has a contouring.


It was a long day, it’s a late evening. I went home through the forest and enjoyed the evening. About 40 meters in front of me a mother and a child were walking. While I walked, I enjoyed the lookout at the evening. When I looked ahead again, the mother and the child had disappeared.

First I didn’t think anything, until I knew, that far away was no corner, where they could go into, no car where they went in and no house where they could go inside, the whole way is the forest. I walked faster, until I heard a scary noise. I ran. The sound got louder and scarier. Suddenly I saw a shadow, which grew bigger. Loudly I called: “Who or what are you?” It didn’t answer and it came closer. I asked again, who or what it would be. No answer, so I ran north, without knowing. Suddenly I saw a big, black house with the address: “Shadowstreet 13”. I typed in my location into my mobile phone: “No researches.” So I walked on.

After a long walk, I reached a little house with the writing: “It is always there, but if you make it shine, it’s dead.” But without reading it, I went into the house. However, the house looked smaller outside than inside, but it didn’t matter. After a short look through the house I became hungry, so I made food in the kitchen and I ate it.

After a long time, it was 7 o’clock am, but the sun didn’t shine, which I didn’t think about. I went out to get fresh air, but then I saw something dark, it moved to the little house, I jumped over the thing and walked on normally, I thought…

It followed me, but I knew first, when it touched my leg. Slowly I walked faster, but the thing too. I walked until I passed the black house from before. “Shadowstreet 14” wasn’t it “Shadowstreet 13” before?!

I opened Maps in my mobile phone to find the way out of the forest: “Location not found.” I tried again, but the location wasn’t found. So I checked my internet connection and I looked for errors or something else and tried again: “Location not found.” so I walked the way I came from, the south?

After long walking I saw the address: “Shadowstreet 15” and over the address there was the writing: “You’re next.” Panicking I ran another way, without looking up, suddenly I hit something hard. A black thing, which had my outline and moved exactly the same moves like me, at the same time, like a shadow. But this kind of shadow is a special one.

From this moment I knew, I was not alone. I still don’t know this shadow would be dangerous or not, but it is still with me!

Attention, you are never alone.


Movies can inspire us. They can change our views. They can also make their actors and actresses very rich.

For me it is an art to produce movies. It is a modern way of writing a book, singing a song or painting a picture. Because all of this is a secret way of describing emotions, thoughts, feelings, stories and ideas to the world. You can always discover these things in movies and each individual can find his own passion, spirit and peace in them.

For making a movie you need a group of people working on different topics and areas to be finally successful. The most popular area is acting. The actors need to fit to the script and the ideas of the producer. Acting is about bringing dialogues, activities of a script to real life. It is the most popular area because we only identify the movies with the acting persons. They are a kind of role model for kids, teenagers and adults. Therefore movies can inspire everyone in every age because you can choose the genres like horror, romance, thriller, drama, comedy, documentary, action, adventure or animation.

There are not only the actors who work hard. There are also the other people working behind the screen and dealing with problems like the sound, the cinematography and the colour of a movie. They are the hidden heroes of a successful movie. Their teamwork and spirit need to work in harmony to make you cry or laugh in front of the TV.

Did you know that the word cinema has its origin in the word cinematography?

Los Angeles is the most important city for American movies. It is the heart of the film industry. It consists of industries like Universal Studios or even Wald Disney Studios. If you ever visit LA, you can discover many tourist attractions like the Hollywood Walk of Fame. In every single street there is the spirit of old Hollywood legends like Marilyn Monroe, Charlie Chaplin or Fred Astaire.

Every year there are various events like the Oscars, Academy Awards, Golden Globes, Sag Awards (Screen Actors Guild Awards) etc. Each actor is trying to be the most well dressed person this night and to be at least nominated for one award. The Oscars are the most important celebration in the career of every actor.

My riddle

This is a riddle about a very interesting, but also dangerous animal. Can you guess, which animal talks to you? Let´s see:


Hi, I am an animal that does not look dangerous, but I am. I travelled to Europe from Asia, South Africa and South America. I am everywhere, but most of you do not see me, because I am so small. When I attack you, you do not feel it. You only feel that my bites itches a lot. Many people have died because of me, but there are not only dangerous kinds of me, and only the females are dangerous. But I am not your murderer: I infect you and so you become ill. For example I send bacteria to your liver, and they grow up and multiply there. But I never wanted to be a deadly animal, because I do not eat you.

Now I try to describe how I look like, but that is not easy: I have got a part of an elephant and of a bird, but I do not have feathers on my two wings, and I am not a bee. I hate birds, because they are my natural enemies. I am the Dracula among the animals, but I do not look like him. My legs are very thin and long and some people say that look like a spider, but I have only six legs. Some kinds of me have got hair, and some kind of me got stripes, dots or something like that.

My life is strange for you, but I tell you what I am doing all day long. The first thing you should know is that I usually do not do anything by day, because I am mostly nocturnal. The second thing is that I am an animal that only drinks, I never eat. But I do not only attack humans, I also attack animals like pigs, sheep, goats and so on. I use my food, which is not really food, to produce eggs, so I am not a mammal. I lay my eggs into lakes and my babies do not look like me, they are larvae.


This was a hard riddle, but was it too hard for you? If you still do not know, who was talking to you, I give you 1 more hint: When you try to kill me, you usually use a fly swatter (Fliegenklatsche) but you are never successful, because I am so fast.


Monkeys are the animals closest to human beings. They make up two of three groups: Simian primates, old world monkeys and new world monkeys. The other group are the apes. You can decide between monkeys and apes easily because apes don’t have a tail. There are 96 species of old world monkeys and there are 53 species of new world monkeys. Monkeys live in trees, grasslands, mountains and on high plains. They eat plants and also animals, some monkeys eat dirt, too. As you probably know, monkeys are excellent climbers but they don’t only climb with their fingers, they can grasp the trees with their toes too. Old world monkeys have 32 teeth. The new world monkeys also have 36 teeth. The smallest monkey in the world is the Pygmy Marmoset. It measures 117 to 159 millimeters and 85 to 140 grams. The largest monkey in the world is the male Mandrill. It is almost one meter high and weighs 35 kilograms. You can see that the Pygmy Marmoset is very small in comparison with the male Mandrill. I really like monkeys they are my favourite animals next to the dogs what about you, do you like monkeys?

Helene Fischer

Helene Fischer is one of the most successful singers in Germany. Helene Fischer is my favourite German singer because of her voice and the kind of music she sings (she sings German pop music).

She was born in the year 1984 in Russia, Sibria. In the year 1988 they went to Germany. Her father works as a sports teacher and her mother as an engineer. She also has one sister who is six years older than she is. Her hobbies are to go riding, to box and to jog.

Her musical career started in 2004, her mother sent a CD of her to Uwe Kanthak, a manager. Then Helene signed her first contract. Her first album was produced in 2006 which is called ´Von hier bis unendlich´. After she had had her own tour in 2007 ,she produced her third album ´Zaubermond´ which was on number two in the charts. Her fifth album was produced in 2011 called ´Für einen Tag ´ This song was the first time on number one in Germany. It was on number two in Austria, number seven in Belgium, number one in the Netherlands and on number nineteen in Denmark. Helene has won nine prizes for example the World Music Award in 2014 or the Live- Act national in 2016 with the song ´Farbenspiel´.

Apart from her music career she sometimes is on TV because she is also known as a presenter.

I like Helene very much because she has reached a lot of things in her career and she is very successful.

The Notorious Conor McGregor

Conor Anthony McGregor is probably the most famous MMA fighter of our time.

The Irish ex-two division world champion was born in Dublin , the capital of Ireland on 14th July 1988. With his 175cm of height and 70 kg of weight he usually fights in the weight classes light and featherweight . However, he has already fought some big fights in Welterweight (McGregor vs. Diaz one and two).

Special about him is that he is a southpaw. This means he uses his right hand to keep the opponent on distance and does lots of small punches and his left hand to do the big shots (he is left handed). Another specialty of him are his feared kicks like the spinning back,capoeira or tornado kicks.

His statistics are nearly perfect with his 24 fights from which he won 21 and 18 from them by knock-out . But from his three losses he won the back fight against Nate Diaz and showed the world with that fight that there is no one better than him (Conor McGregor had to go in 10 days one weight class up because his originally planned opponent broke his hand and was unable to compete)

But the Irish man´s biggest fight so far was against Chad Mendez , who is a famous MMA fighter too.

In the first round it looked like Mendez would win because the experienced wrestler landed three takedowns (took the fight to the ground where he was superior ) but then McGregor finished it with three quick lefts.

Another important fight of him was against Jose Aldo. The “Notorious“ knocked him out 13 seconds into the first round and became UFC fetherweight champion.

In addition to that, he made the fastest K.O. in UFC history.


But the biggest fight of McGregor is still ahead... Conor wants to do a boxing match against Floyed Maywether, the richest boxer in the world, with a personal wealth of 650 million dollars and perfect statistics with 49 fights and 0 losses.

They will likley fight early next year. Many people say that the match will be the fight of the century . However, other people say that McGregor doesn’t have a chance because he doesn’t have any boxing experience. On the other hand, people say that Conor will win because Maywether has a big problem with southpaws and McGregor is a southpaw. On top of that the Notorious is much younger than Maywether.

Either way, the fight will be very profitable for both sides because the promotion is already huge and both fighters make a lot of money even if they lose.


What is MMA ?


MMA is a full contact sport which includes wrestling, muay thai, boxing and many other fighting techniques. Unlike in boxing, elbows, knees and fighting on the ground (wrestling) are allowed. On top of that you are allowed to choke and do joint locks. That means that lots of fights get decided by submission (chokes and joint locks).


What is UFC?


UFC is nothing more than an association comparable to the Champions league in football (UFC stands for Ultimate Fighting Championchip), so only the best of the best fighters of the different weight classes can fight in the UFC.


Table of the Weight Classes                                1 lbs. = 450g


Up to 115 lbs.


More than 115. lbs. to 125 lbs.


More than 125 lbs. to 135 lbs.


More than 135 lbs. to 145 lbs.


More than 145 lbs. to 155 lbs.


More than 155 lbs. to 170 lbs.


More than 170 lbs. to 185 lbs.

Light Heavyweight

More than 185 lbs. to 205 lbs.


More than 205 lbs. to 265 lbs.


My Riddle

I am a person who usually is a woman and who can magic.


At first, I will tell you how I look like. I have a really long nose, a long chin. I have ugly hair and warts in my face. My back is crooked. I am usually old, but I can be young too.

Now I tell you about my life and me. My favorite color is black, but sometimes I wear clothes in other colors like violet or something else. I live alone but I can live with others of my kind too. My favorite pet is the black cat. And my laugh sounds bad.

I am a magician and I brew very special magic potions like a potion of invisibility or poison. I can make every potion I want to have. And I brew the potions in a cauldron.

Now I will tell you the most important typical things about me:

Typical for me is that I have a pointed, very ugly hat, in black of course. The next very typical thing about me is the broom. I cannot live without it! Certainly most of you do not know, what is called ”a broom”. However, it is not important, because I can explain you, what a broom is: It is made of two pieces. One piece is a long stick of wood, and the second piece consists of lots of very small and thin sticks. And the special thing about the broom is that it can fly. It is my favorite aid. Typical for me is also, that I look very ugly and characteristic for me is that I am very nasty.


Maybe you know who I am but I give you one more hint: You can see me walking around on the streets on Halloween but I am not a real person.

Do you know who I am?



Dagi Bee


I met this celebrity and she has been my idol for two years.

Guess who can it be?

Of course it is Dagi bee

Her real name is Dagmara Nicole and she was born on the 21th of December 1994. She is a German Youtuber and she was born in Poland. And now she lives in Düsseldorf.

Her first canal opened on 17th June 2012. The name of her canal is ´Dagi Bee´. And her first video was ´Nogo`s von Jungs`. Her first canal has 3.400.000 subscribers. And now she has more than 300 videos. She makes videos about lifestyle, beauty and comedy.

After that on the 20thJune 2014 she opened her second canal. The name of her canal is ´BE A BEE´. On that canal she makes `Vlog videos´ She makes videos about her life and she talks about her life.

She plays on films too like ´Kartoffelsalat´, `Fuck ju Göthe 2´,´Bruder vor Luder` and ´Wishlist´.

She plays on music videos too like ´Bist du real` from KC Rebell and ´On my way´ from Tiesto.

In the year 2014 she was nomination by ´Kids´ Choice Award. She won a prize there.

I like Dagi so much because she makes me very happy everyday and I met her on the 27th December 2016.


It was 12 o’clock at night. I was alone at home and I wanted to sleep, but suddenly somebody said: “Sorry, I don’t understand.” First I was scared, but then I realized that it was just my iPhone assistant Siri, maybe a sound of my moves activated Siri.

After two hours my voice assistant suddenly said: “Sorry, I didn’t get that, please repeat!” At that point I looked for setting mistakes in my phone, but I didn’t find anything. After a lot of times where my assistant said something without me asking it, I sent it to Apple-Repair. I was scared because they didn’t find anything, but after a few days it stopped.

Two weeks later, when I was alone at night, Siri suddenly said: “Run.”, but I ignored it. The doorbell rang, so I opened it, but nobody was there. The second time I opened it quickly, but nobody was there, so closed the door, but I stayed there to catch the person who rang. Like I said, the door rang! I opened quickly…

…there was a big, black figure with big red eyes.

I closed all the doors, took my phone and hid in the cellar, but that was a mistake… Someone closed my eyes and my mouth, so I couldn’t see anything, couldn’t get any air and I didn’t feel anything.

After a long time I woke up, in a very dark box. I could hear something like a motor outside. But suddenly I saw a chainsaw coming into the box slowly! It got nearer, until it reached my skin, was this my ending?

No. Suddenly I felt a warmth in my face. I woke up, in my bed. It just was a dream.

That morning I was the happiest person ever. Then the door rang, so Iopened the door happily. I got a card, which said:

I’m watching you...


Dear Mark Mcgivern,

Suicide. Interesting concept isn it? If you don”t start considering it, we will take care of things for you. You can count on me. No matter how far you run, I will always be there. You cannot escape your death.

I’m watching you.

Jeff Dent looked sharply up from his paperwork as he heard a soft rapping on the door. “Enter,” he called casually. In walked his boss, Mark Mcgivern. He was looking pale and agitated, his hands twitching as they held a crumpled sheet of paper. “Mark! What on earth has happened? You look like you’ve seen a ghost!” Jeff exclaimed.

“Well, not quite, although if I don’t watch my back, I might soon be one,” he answered, his voice trembling slightly. “I’ve just got a letter threatening my death.” Jeff looked at him blankly, thoughts racing through his head.

“I need to find out who sent that letter so I can-”

“I think I already have a good idea as to who wants me dead,” Mark interrupted. “Do you remember Tristan Johnston, the criminal I caught two years ago? Well, he’s broken out again and he’d surely want revenge on me.”

“I’m on it,” Jeff replied.

The next day dawned bright and early. Mark yawned and stretched, he had already forgotten about the chaos of the day before. He reached for his phone to check if he had any important emails. Two messages appeared on screen. The first one said:

Dear Mark Mcgivern,

We are so sorry to have to tell you this, but your brother Hector Mcgivern has passed away, due to a gas explosion in his area.

Condolences, the American Oil Industry

Mark, blanched. He felt dizzy. Slowly he opened up the second message:

I’m watching you.

Jeff was speaking on the telephone as, once again, the door opened and his boss staggered in. He looked terrible. “Excuse me, I’ll catch you later,” Jeff said as he hung up. “What’s happened?” he exclaimed worriedly. He listened carefully as Mark reported what had just happened. “Oh no! How awful!” he said, sympathetically patting Mark on the back. “However, I have some good news. We have caught the criminal responsible – everything should be back to normal now.”

At least, that was what Jeff thought...


The next day, Mark opened his door cautiously and stepped outside. He stumbled upon something lying on the doorstep. He jumped back and let out a strangled cry of horror. A wild madness passed through his face. “Now you’ve done it!” he cried insanely towards the sky. Then, laughing like a maniac, he departed, leaving the blood to dry on the cold faces of his wife and child.

That day, Mark Mcgivern was sent to the countryside for ‘peace and quiet’ although everybody knew that really he had gone mad and had been sent away for their protection.


Two weeks later

A silent shadow slipped in through an open window of Mark’s house, creeping towards his bedroom. The sleeping man was startled out of sleep as the door creaked slowly open. The last thing Mark Mcgivern had time to say was: “Jeff! It was you!” before Jeff’s cold knife pierced his throat.

“I’m watching you,” he replied, before he turned and walked slowly outside.

The End

Music festival in Lindenholzhausen

On May 25th, 2017 there was a music festival in Lindenholzhausen. Lindenholzhausen is next to Limburg. You can choose if you want to enter the national or the international competition. We chose the national with our choir which is called Elly Singers. Second you can choose if you want to sing a cappella, with the piano, with a band or with other ideas for singing. The competition takes plae every 4 years. Choirs come to this competition from all over the world. Lindenholzhausen is famous for singing. The majority of the people who live there sing. But people in my family live there too, but they don´t sing. In our school choir we are 12 people. When we had a rehearsal sometimes we sung well, but sometimes we sang bad. We had to learn five songs. The songs weren´t so easy to sing, but after four rehearsals we sang the songs as they should sound, but there were always improvements. Our group was a children’s choir group. We were two choirs. A jury gave points from 1-25. If you want to sing there, you must be under 16 years old Ok, now I will write about the day we went there. At 10.45 am we had to be at the Elly-Heuss-School, but most of us were there at 10.30 am. After we sang the songs 3 times, we drove to the competition. When we were there, we bought our tickets to take part. After that we went to the room to sing the songs again. When we sang the songs it sounded very cool, so we went to the competition room. We stood behind the stage. At this point I felt very nervous. I knew we had to go on the stage. I was still nervous, but I was happy anyway. When we went on the stage, I wasn´t happy anymore. We sang the songs very well and when we went away from the stage we were happy. We were all hungry and we ate ´Currysausage with Chips´ and drank coke. It was very tasty. After that four men told us the result of the national competition. We tried to guess how many points we would get. I said we would get 17 points. The others thought 17 or 18 too. This would be bronze. Our teacher said I should represent our choir, so I went to the stage. When they said our result everyone in this beer tent was quiet. One man said: ´Elly Singers your technical points are 22.50 points and your artistic points are 23.50 points, that means you have 23 out of 25 points.´ We were all very happy, 23 points means that we have gold. Our families cheered and we went to the festival concert. It was a great day.


I tell you something about the famous travel destination "Mallorca". Mallorca is a very beautiful island. The capital is Palma. Now I present you two places. The first one is "Cala Santanyi".

In Cala Santanyi there is the famous Stonebridge "Es Pontas".

Some people come to Cala Santanyi because they want to see this bridge in the sea. Also you can join many activities there.

For example cliff jumping or you can drive boats with slides or play beach volleyball. And of course swim, dive and surf.

You always have fun. The water is clear and clean and the sand on the beach is nice too.


The second city is "Cala d´Or".

If you want to go shopping you are really right there, because there are lots of shops, restaurants, bars and boutiques, where you can buy yummy food, pretty souvenirs and other things. You can find there many parrots, music and good atmosphere.

When you are in Mallorca, then you find some very beautiful botanical gardens, markets and beaches.

Typical for Mallorca are pearls. There is a pearl factory, where the people produce the pearls.

So in Mallorca you have very cool holidays.

The conversation is easy too. Most people speak English and there are lots of German tourists.

The temperature is good. They have mild winters and hot summers.

When you fly to Mallorca sometime, I think you will have lots of fun.


Super volcano near Naples could soon become active

The super volcano Vesuvius has shown signs of activity in recent months. An eruption would cost not only millions of people’s lives in the close populated surroundings. All of Europe would be in danger.

The super volcano is located in Naples, the economic and cultural center of Italy. It’s the capital

of the Region Kampania. Like the last eruption of the Phelegraen Fields in 1538, which covered many cities with a 5m high layer of ash, it built another mountain. The region includes 12 of eruption craters on 150 square kilometers. It had a strength of 5 to 8 on the Richter scale. The Reaction before the last eruption is the same as now. After the last eruption, the volcano has been restless for a long time, exactly 67 years. And it’s creating more and more pressure, like before the last eruption. Now in the South it extends below the sea level and includes the island of Ischia, Procida and Nisida.

The result could be that the volcanic ash will block the sunlight and it will be a Vulcanic winter. Famine, Climate changes and massive destruction could also be a problem. The volcano could create gas clouds which are over 500 degrees. The eruption of the Tabora lead to the worst hunger catastrophe of the nineteenth century in Europe, because farming was completely destroyed in the ‘year without sun’. In many Regions, it took more than months to rain and snow. All this could happen this time, if the super volcano erupts.

BUT: Nobody can forecast exactly if and when the mountain will spit fire again. The authority checks the Phelegraen Fields around the clock.


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